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Manifold Series

Manifold Series

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Aluminum Manifold Block

Standard or custom designs

Attractive prices directly from the integrated block manufacturer

Available materials: aluminum

What you need to know before designing a manifold block 

Block thicknessThe block

The initial thickness of the block is set at 5 times the maximum diameter of the valve port, and then gradually reduced according to specific requirements.

Drill oil holes Deep, slant holes

The process hole should be as small as possible, considering the high flow chamber first and then the pilot chamber.

Wall thickness of each hole

The safety wall thickness between oil chambers should not be less than 3~5mm, and should consider the deflection of the drill bit within the allowed range.

Oil chamber 

The flow rate of hydraulic oil in the oil chamber should not be higher than 12m/s, and the return chamber should be 20-40% larger than the inlet chamber.

Hydraulic manifold applications.

Various hydraulic systems and hydraulic equipment - Mobile applications - Mechanical and engineering applications - Factory automation and machining

Hydraulic manifolds for many industrial sectors:.

Mining machinery - Forestry machinery - Construction machinery - Quarrying machinery - Mining machinery - Agricultural machinery - Waste and recycling equipment - Material handling industry and many more industries.

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