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Precision Aluminum Products

Precision Aluminum Products

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Precision Aluminum Products

We specialize in designing and manufacturing aluminum products all over the world. We are experts at manufacturing custom manifolds, medical device assemblies and optical vision lens assemblies based on our customers' unique needs.

Our team offers a wide range of aluminum products and services to deliver outstanding results for all your engineering and manufacturing projects, Coyo is known in China for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Design and drafting

Our highly trained and experienced professionals provide custom, low maintenance and sustainable architectural design and drafting services for commercial projects.

Engineering service

Our skilled team provides expert engineering services to ensure the success of your commercial or industrial project.

Fabrication workshop drawing preparation

Our experienced and talented team of draftsmen and modelers can easily bring your designs to life with advanced visualization and modeling before production begins.

project management

Successfully coordinating projects requires excellent leadership, oversight, and extensive experience. From overseeing projects to ensuring each step is executed correctly, our project managers will help you complete projects efficiently and effectively.

Custom Design and Manufacturing

We are committed to understanding your unique needs. We promise to deliver authentic products and services with humility. We offer the largest variety of custom-designed, competitively priced aluminum products to meet every customer's needs.

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