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A small guide of multi-pin plug Valve Terminal

October 14, 2023


Multi-pin plug Valve Terminal as a new generation of electrical and gas integration control components, have been popular in many industries. However, it is a problem for many consumers that they should choose which kinds of multi-pin plug Valve Terminal. Therefore, we would like to give a brief introduction of three type of multi-pin plug Valve Terminal to help you have a clearer understanding of that.

Universal Valve Terminal

1. Supports multiple protocols

2. Wire saving, only one communication cable needed

3.ompatible with the mainstream solenoid valves


Universal Valve Terminal

1.Use regular manifold plate

2.Multi pin module

3.High universality

4.Favorable price


Sub-base Valve Terminal

1.Product integrated full aluminum alloy design,with a beautiful appearance

2.Custom-made for specific solenoid valves